Hey it’s Mikatude

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Dear amazing human,

this blog is a space for diversity of all kinds.

It’s about the journey through ideas and experiences in travels, lifestyle, exciting facts and trends, but also about the way of doing things – and showing the attitude to achieve the desired.

To give it a basic and fresh start, here are some random facts about me:

My name is Mika and I am a 23-year-old human open to all kinds of things in life.

I am Kazakhstan-born and currently based in Germany, though consider myself a world citizen.

I love diversity – of all kinds.

I believe in doing things that make one alive at this very moment on this planet. Describing thoughts in words and sharing them is a great joy for me.

Since so much has been happening in the past few years, like unforgettable travels, meeting so many people, modelling experiences, completion of a Bachelor of Science degree, and simple learning by doing sessions, I decided to create this space to share things I could imagine being useful to you.

Attitude plays a huge role in my life and is one of the greatest resources for realizing my personal wishes.  MIKATUDE, therefore, is not just a blog name, but a reflection of my life position and personality.

I find just about everything in this world breathtaking and truly wish I could do a bunch of things simultaneously.

The thought that there is even more of the unknown excites me even more.

Last but not least: I love all humans and am deeply persuaded each of us is able learn and experience novelty from any random person. So open up, guys, this world is full of newness!

I hope you can catch some decent mood and ideas thanks to this MIKATUDE space. Enjoy!




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