In Paris? Here is what you do!

Are you in Paris for a few hours or days? Congratulations, you are situated a genuinely amazing place. Parisian delicious foods and sophisticated places are probably the two aspects make the City of Light highly exceptional, so this post is devoted to both.

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DSC_1066Paris is perhaps one of those cities with endless supply of amazing things to feel, smell, observe, and enjoy. Its beauty is not only in the beautiful city plan, architecture, museums, and cathedrals, but also in its very specific lifestyle. Paris is nowadays a synonym to anything French, and the whole city is a clear reflection of the French lifestyle. Because I love to explore cities by becoming a “local” for a few days, I would normally rather go for less famous activities that can show me the real picture of the local way of living. It simply gives me thousands of different impressions of how the city actually lives and is an amazing way to feel the spirit of a new place and dip into a whole new world.

There is plenty of information about eating, drinking, going out or shopping in France, and sometimes finding the relevant information can be quite challenging when planning a trip. Let this post be a little guide into the Art of Parisian days for those who desire to go on a little adventure and not necessarily get lost among crowds of tourists.

  1. FRESH START WITH A BREAKFAST OR BRUNCH. I honestly believe both are amazing in nearly any Parisian restaurant. Check out Le Pain Quotidien if you are into little comfy breakfast places with a huge variety of tasty things. No hotel breakfasts, you are in Paris! Start your day with something new every day, and I promise it is going to be brilliant.


2.   INSPIRATIONS IN LE MARAIS. If you are into exploring new local designers and vintage fashion rather than hunting after loud brand names – get lost in the adorable streets of The Marais! This is where you feel the present spirit of Paris and may perhaps obtain something very exceptional. My personal highlight is a new concept store Archive in this area of the city, where everything seems so trendy, functional and artistic. Needless to say, Marais is filled with nice cafes and restaurants too. I happened to dine at Le Trésor once, and there is so much more to discover on any evening in this lovely part of Paris.

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3.  ARTSY AREAS IN MONTMARTRE. Take metro up north from the city center to observe the hilly part of city. Sights from above are so gorgeous you will immediately fall in love with Paris even more. Moreover, there are plenty of artsy streets with exciting shops nearby, so make sure to walk them through!thumb_DSC_1127_10244.   GALE348s (1)TTE – RATHER THAN CREPE. Many of you have probably heard of the unforgettable taste of crepes and how it is a pure must to have one when in Paris. I prefer a so-called Galette, basically a buckwheat crepe, instead. It may be served with some cheese, eggs, or anything you wish for. For those who prefer sweetness, crepes are surely an amazing snack to have.

5.   EIFFEL TOWER AREA. People feel very different about the Eiffel Tower and whether it is really the place to be in Paris, though it does stay the capital’s main symbol. It is most beautiful when you get to observe the sight of both the Tower and the city, so grab some drinks and snacks and head to the spots in the Champ de Mars behind the Eiffel Tower to watch its entertaining lightning and simply have fun with your company. Alternatively have a walk by the Seine with the sight of the Tower, nothing could make an evening more memorable than some fresh air coming from the Seine on one of the romantic bridges like Pont de la Concorde. You might as well go for a more expensive version, perhaps a restaurant with the view of the Tower and some thematic atmosphere.

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  1. THE FRENCH FRIES. Yes, we have them everywhere in the world yet France is a little different from any country in preparing these. The place where I tried these is called le Relais de l’Entrecôte in the beautiful part of the city called Saint Germain, where one is served with fries and entrecôte with a delicious sauce, which makes it a perfect combination to make an amazing meal. This is not going to be a light lunch or dinner, but luckily there are many kilometers to walk in the beautiful Saint Germain and explore the different sides of Paris.IMG_9453.JPG
  2. RANDOM WALKING. Many do not think that Paris is not really one of the biggest cities of the world, in fact, its area is only 105 km2. I keep hearing from my Parisian friends that they love discovering newness out and about Paris by foot, and since things are pretty close to each other, you might just want to walk wherever you feel like is the more interesting direction. Observe things around you and you might notice something special that many do not even know of!DSC_1027DSC_0899DSC_0890
  3. ANY, seriously ANY place at CANAL SAINT-MARTIN. If you are a young soul and are ready to explore, have a walk by the Canal Saint Martin passing the diverse bridges in the area. Thousands of local youngsters spend their nights in the companies of friends right by the Canal and enjoy little picnics. It is where Parisians gather for great fun and nice memories. One of the hidden but very special bars is Le Comptoir Général, because once you are inside, you see a completely different side of Paris. The decor is filled with Cuban & Caribbean vibes, there are plenty of seats and the atmosphere is organized in a way that one feels like home around good friends.


Thank you for reading my flow of thoughts and impressions. Will be more than happy to read or hear of your unique experiences too, whether in Paris or anywhere else on this amazing planet!



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